Visible Filters

We are able to design and manufacture custom visible filters with short lead-times for many applications.

  • All Vortex filters are sputtered, meaning they are highly durable.
  • All common types of filter, Long Wave Pass (LWP), Short Wave Pass (SWP), Wide Band Pass (WBP) and Narrow Band Pass (NBP).
  • Some examples are shown below, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Visible Long Wave Pass Filter

  • Blocking lower visible wavelengths.
  • Applications include fluorescence, medical systems, order sorting in spectrometers and scientific instruments.


Visible Short Wave Pass Filter

  • For blocking longer wavelengths and transmitting short wavebands
  • Applications include thermal management (Hot Mirrors) in systems and shortening the ranges of sensitivity of detectors.

Visible Wide Band Pass Filter

  • Used to block a higher and lower wave band and allow a band to transmit
  • Typical application to isolate a working band in visible systems using Silicon photodiode detectors or visible cameras

Visible Narrow Band Pass Filter

  • Typically used to isolate a narrow wavelength range for use in scientific analysis or LED tidying

Steep edge 45 deg LWP Filter


Separation of colours at 45°, example to the right shows blue reflected, orange/red transmitted.

Extended Hot Mirror for 45 deg. Angle of incidence

A type of SWP filter was used for this application, requirement is to reflect the heat of the near
infra-red and allow some visible transmission.