Vis Trans, IR Block KG3 Filter

Vis Trans, IR Block KG3 Filter

Part Number: BPF—VIST-IRBL-25

25 mm diameter, 3 mm thick.

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  • Stock Vis Trans, IR Block KG3 Filter “on the shelf” for next day shipping, 25 mm diameter x 3 mm thick.
  • Vortex’s trademark RockArd© deposition technology makes our filters highly durable and suitable for the toughest environments.
  • All of our filters exhibit high angular tolerance, extremely low change with temperature and very high resistance to thermal shock.
  • General purpose filter for transmitting visible and blocking IR. Suitable for filter wheels in process monitoring.

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Optical Specification

Transmission Peak70% ave for 400-600 nm
Blocking Range0.65 µm to 5 µm+
For 0.65-2.0 OD>3, for 2-4µm T<3.0% abs., for 4-5 µm OD>3.
Angle Of Incidence
Substrate25 mm Diameter, 0.5 mm Thick
Surface QualityLess than 60-40 Scratch-Dig

Environmental Specification

Mild AbraisionMIL-C-48497APara
Severe AbrasionMIL-C-48497APara
Water SolubilityMIL-C-48497APara

Spectral Performance

Suitable Detectors

These filters are suitable to be used with Silicon photodiode type detectors.