V-coatings covering a range from 300 nm – 6000nm

  • R Max.<0.25% per surface at designated wavelength.
  • Lead times as low as 48 hours on your supplied optics.
  • Possible for multiple wavelengths , see below..
  • ‘Make complete’ also supplied, contact us with your full enquiry.
  • Examples of V-Coats


    Optimised WavelengthSubstrateReflectionPerformance Graph
    V-Coat 633BK7R<0.25%See Datasheet
    V-Coat 1064BK7R<0.25%See Datasheet
    V-Coat 1550SapphireR<0.25%See Datasheet
    V-Coat 3300CaF2R<0.25%See Datasheet
    V-Coat 532_1064BK7R<0.25%See Datasheet
    V-Coat 532_1064_1550BK7R<0.25%See Datasheet
    V-Coat 532_633_780_1064_1550BK7R<0.25%See Datasheet

    Products shown are standard process, these can be moved to a different wavelength if required.