OEM/Production Volumes

We are specialists in supplying custom filters and windows for production programmes. Quality, price, consistency and on-time delivery are key for these multi-year contracts.

Our offering covers the following,

  • Design and supply of all standard filter types e.g. band pass, narrow band pass, long wave pass and short wave pass etc. for 300-6000 nm.
  • Anti-Reflection coated windows.
  • Any items in our web-shop in volume or variations thereof.
  • Certified spectral measurements, our spectrophotometers are annually calibrated to national standards.
  • Full traceability and history on batches over many years of supply.
  • Excellent quality, environmental testing performed routinely on all batches.
  • Reverse engineering for obsolete windows and filters.
  • Just in time ship from stock to suit build rates, stock holding, call off, call forward etc.
  • Products made with modern state of the art deposition equipment, we believe in continual investment to keep it that way!
  • A trusted network of material suppliers whom we frequently visit and assess.
  • An ISO 9001 (2015) accredited company.
  • Customer confidentiality assured,  NDA’s signed if required.

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