Long Wave Pass Filters; What are they?

May 10, 2024

Long Wave Pass Filters or LWP filters are a commonly used building block in optical  instrument design.

Long Wave pass filters, as the name suggests, allows light of longer wavebands to pass through whilst rejecting shorter bands. In the example below, radiation from 500-1600 nm will not be passed, but wavelengths from 1700-2500 nm will be passed. The spectral position of an LWP is often expressed as it’s 50% Transmission point. The steeper the edge the more expensive the filter is to manufacture

Longwave Pass Filter

Vortex design and manufacture a wide range of customer LWP filters for visible and IR use from 350-5000nm, contact us today to discuss your requirements. Enquiries@vortexoc.com, www.vortecoc.com