Spectro-Net Conference

We will be attending, presenting and Exhibiting at the Spectronet Cluster Conference in Brescia, Italy, 17-18 April 2024.

Vortex Optical Coatings Designs and Manufactures  Optical Filters and Coatings between  0.25um – 6um.

Our Coatings can be found in a wide range of applications all over the world and even out of this world!

Flexible call off schedules available so that supply chains flow seamlessly.


At Vortex we have a wide range of high energy sputter deposition coating machines allowing us to deliver high quality filters and coatings with excellent durability.

With our onsite dicing capability and flexible call off schedules we are able to offer lead times well below the industry standard. We are your ideal partner for long term production contracts.

We offer expert advice and a rapid prototype service to minimise the time to go from concept to full scale production.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and are always on hand to discuss new requirements, technical queries, or anything else. We support our customers especially when they need us most.

Below are some of the types of coatings we offer, please continue to find out more.


  • Infrared and Visible filters. Such as Long Wave Pass edge filters, Short wave Pass and Narrow Bandpass Filters.
  • Dichroic Filters and Beamsplitters.
  • Anti Reflection Coating. Including Broadband AR Coating and V-Coating. Lead times as low as 48 hours!
  • Infrared Linear Variable Filters. Both stock of the shelf and custom specifications met.

Infrared and Detection Filters

Infrared Linear Variable Filters

Anti-Reflection Coating

Visible Filters

Beamsplitters and Dichroic Filters

Our aim is to  deliver high quality products and  excellent customer service at competitive prices.


We are able to offer a range of solutions to your coating requirements:

OEM Production Volumes: We are able to supply high volume Infrared filters and AR Coatings on multi year contracts with stock held for call off at any time.

Coat Only Service: With our coat only service you provide the optics and we supply the coating with lead times as short as 48 hours.

Full Optics Manufacture: Our range of trusted optics suppliers allow us to supply both the optics and coating to keep things simple and lower lead times.

Dicing: We have just installed a state of the art Disco dicing saw on site and can dice Glass, Silicon, Sapphire, IR Quartz and more.

OEM Production Volumes

Full Optics Manufacture

Coat Only Service