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Product Range

Infrared and Detection Filters

We have a wide range of stock IR filter samples now available in our online shop.

Infrared Linear Variable Filters

Our 3 stock LVF’s are now available in our online store. We also make custom LVF’s to meet your specification.

Anti-Reflection Coating

V-Coat, Visible AR and Infrared AR coatings from 250nm-6um.

Visible Filters

Band-pass filters, long-wave pass and short-wave pass filters from 300 nm-1200 nm.

Beamsplitters and Dichroic Filters

We are able to produce a wide range of beam splitters and dichroic filters.


OEM/ Production Volumes

We are specialists in supplying custom filters and windows on time for production programmes. Quality, price, consistency and on-time delivery are key for these multi-year contracts.

Coat Only Service

We are happy to coat your optics with very short lead times.

Full Manufacture of Optics

As well as coating optics we are also able to supply the substrates as well.


With our new on site dicing saw we are able to process optics faster than ever before offering unrivalled lead times (as low as 3 days). We are able to dice to within 0.1 of a millimeter.